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"I am Ancel Sitton, a versatile professional with a keen eye for photography and a passion for crafting unforgettable events. Based in the dynamic landscapes of Los Angeles, CA, I specialize in both capturing the essence of products, people, architecture & interiors, and the world of food & beverage photography, as well as orchestrating remarkable events that leave lasting impressions.

My photography work is a testament to my dedication to the craft, offering clients a complete creative experience. I collaborate closely with them on conceptual development, conduct meticulous cost and budget analyses, curate artful set designs, master food & beverage styling, provide fashion expertise, craft interior styling, manage permits and insurance coordination, scout locations, and cast models. My commitment to delivering top-notch digital media services extends to branding, social media engagement, web design, and graphic design – all offered under one roof to ensure exceptional quality and prompt delivery.

In addition to my photography, my expertise extends to event production and planning, where I excel in curating memorable weddings, corporate events, and private parties. My comprehensive event services encompass conceptualization, budgeting, set design, logistics, catering, entertainment, and every detail needed to bring your vision to life.

My dedication to my clients knows no bounds, and I live by the motto: 'The job is not complete until the client is completely satisfied.' My journey began with formal training at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, where I earned a BA in Professional Photography. This educational foundation laid the groundwork for a multifaceted career that continuously elevates the art of visual storytelling and the seamless execution of extraordinary events."

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